• Family Internet

    Want to protect your kids and family from pornography, sexuality and explicit content?

    Can you protect your kids from bad image and video search?

    How to prevent kids from using their phones, pads, game console, smart TVs to access bad websites?

    We have the solution for you!

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  • Secure Your Whole Family

    With Our Special Configured Firewall Wireless Router
    Not only computers but all your family internet accessible devices will be protected from Pornography, Sexuality and explicit content.

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  • Constant update, no time limit

    Partner with world leading network security vendor, using cloud service techno-ledge, your protection will be constantly updated, ensure you are protected from new threats, you will always be protected with or without Concise IT

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  • Unique Features

    Concise IT provide unique features the cloud can't and will not provide to you.

    Your kids need search internet, watch YouTube, they can do it safer with our family internet solution.

    You can take control if you want block some websites.

    Concise IT will help you with technical tips and support,

    We come to your home to install and config.

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  • Cost Wise

    Total cost $268 (limited to 50 km surround Sydney)

    Protect your family Now!

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Our Services & Special Fields

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

We can help you move your email and application to the cloud. We provide sale and service for: Office 365, Exchange online, SharePoint online, Windows Azure.


We support Servers, workstations, Macs,Smart Phones, Routers, Wireless, Switches, Firewall, Security Protections, All IT related tasks. We do data recovery for business.
Hardware & Software

Hardware & Software

We sale servers, laptop, computers,network equipment and software. We repair and upgrade hardware.
Design & Consulting

Design & Consulting

We install servers workstations and network, design website, implement E-Commence, promote though Google Ad-words, finding solutions best for your needs.

Something suit your business

Our Efforts

Concise IT Engineering provide different type of support to our clients. No matter we have contract or just once off service, we try our best to help!

Intelligent, ability, Knowledge, taking responsibility, all we do is pursuing Excellency to help you.

More than thirty years’ experience on hardware, networking, system design, trouble shooting and support.

Owners operate in the front line, you get constancy and quick decision. All the efforts are aimed toward targets.

We keep learning and using young talents, new tech, our solutions are extending