Protect Your Family Online

Pre-configured router with world leading cloud security service installed will prevent adult content from reaching devices connected to your home network.

(One off payment, $99 for hardware router, $169 home installation service included)
Limited to Sydney region (15 km around Sydney city). Free in home demostration. 15 days money back guarantee.


One system protects all devices connected to your home network.
Block adult content and enforce safe search.


No monthly subscription fees.
One off payment. Install and use forever.

Easy Setup

Home installation service

Risk Free

Free in home demostration
14 days money back guarantee.

Why Us

No subscription fees - not only are subscriptions expensive, content filters that rely on subcription will cease to function when paymentts are stopped. If the company offering the service shut their doors, the router you bought would be useless. With the Family Internet router, all functionalities are self contained. It doesn't rely on a paid subscription service to work. Once it's installed in your home, it will function forever.

In home set up service - home networks can be quite complicated, consisting of printers, computers, wifi connections, and smart TVs. To set up a router would be a challenge, especially for those who are not tech savy. With Family Internet, we will set up the router for you to ensure the experience transitioning into having safe internet is smooth and stress free.

Prevent bypass - kids are quite resourceful. They will find innovative ways to bypass content filters. As part of our installation service, we will analyse your existing network setup and prevent common methods of bypass. We will reconfigure you existing router so that all internet connections must go through our Family Internet router. We can also create failsafes within your existing router so that even if kids are able to bypass the Family Internet router, they will still be unable to bypass the content filter within your existing router.

Customized experience - we will tailor the settings of the filter to the needs of your family.

Locally based business - situated in the inner west Sydney, we can readily respond to queries and solve problems if they arise. This enables greater customer interaction and allows us to deliver better customer experince.

Simplicity - no need for multiple software downloads or installations. All devices will automatically have content filters applied if they are connected to your home network.

Family Internet Router

One router filters adult content for all devices connected to your home network.
No need for multiple software installation. In home setup service is included.

Desktop Computers

Smart Phones and Mobile Devices



Xbox, Playstation

Smart TVs

Parents Say

The Family Internet unit was delivered to our home and installed on the spot. I'm not a big tech person and don't know much about routers. Fortunately, the installation service made it easy. With the content filter up and running, our kids now have a safer online environment.
Aaron Dad
Simple and straight forward. Applies parental control filters to my home network. No ongoing subscription fees. Would recommend to other parents.